The Claims Filing Deadline was April 1, 2020. Any new Claim submitted with a postmark after April 1, 2020 will be considered late.

All remaining payments are in process. We do not currently have a mail date for remaining payments.

Welcome to the Information Website for the In re Zurn Pex Plumbing Liability Litigation Settlement

If you own or owned a home or other structure that contains a plumbing system with brass crimp (F1807) fittings/connectors sold by Zurn, you may qualify for benefits from a class action settlement.

A settlement has been reached with Zurn Pex, Inc. and Zurn Industries LLC (“Zurn”) about brass crimp fittings/connectors made of certain yellow brass manufactured and/or sold by Zurn between 1996 and 2010 (“F1807 Fittings”). This settlement covers possible fitting leaks, occlusion (blockage that reduces water flow) and damage caused by alleged corrosion of the F1807 Fittings. This settlement does not cover systems installed with Zurn’s poly alloy fittings, DZR fittings, ECO brass fittings, or anything other than an F1807 yellow brass fitting sold by Zurn.

The Court has given its final approval to the Settlement, and Notice has been provided to all known Class Members, and that notice has been communicated to potential class members through publication. A copy of the Settlement Agreement is available on the Important Documents page of this website, and describes details about the settlement. Note that if the information on this website differs in any way from the Settlement Agreement, that difference was inadvertent and it is the Settlement Agreement that controls.

Plaintiffs allege that the F1807 Fittings were defective and caused or could cause water leaks, which result in damage to the property of class members. Zurn denies any wrongdoing and maintains that the F1807 fittings are not defective and function properly. However, due to the difficulty and uncertainty of litigation, the parties have agreed that it is in their best interest to settle these claims as described on this website, and in the documents.

A settlement fund has been established to pay claims for repair, replacement and/or consequential damages. However, to be paid, you must follow the claims procedures contained herein.